Annual General Meeting of 2011.

Minutes of last AGM.

Matters arising.

      Hand book.

      Results of the last AGM.


Past Chairs Address.

Treasurer's Report.

      Matters arising from Report.

      Paying-in procedures.

      Subscriptions, HBSFL levy.

Secretary's Report

      Report sent out prior to meeting for discussion.

      Health checks / CRB's.


      Shields / awards.


Sports Representatives.



Appointment of Council Members.

      This may result in a comfort break due to the fact that a change of personnel may be involved.

Identification of teams / managers, coaches and staff.

Voting on constitution changes.

      Two too discuss.

        1     Right of appeal.

        2     Club finances.

          2a         Voting on signatories, due to committee changes.

Voting on matters placed before the Club that require their approval.

Voting on resolutions placed before the Club that require their approval.

Forecasting of the next meeting.

      This is subject to the acceptance of the calendar.

To receive the Present Chair's closing address.

The meeting meet as per date and opened at 7; 40.

The Chair opened the meeting and thanked every one for making the effort to be there. Whilst the team representatives numbers were down, it was refreshing to see a number of parents there.

Members present.

Colin Conman.        Rich Towse.                   Ellie Towse.

Paul Adamson.        Neil Theobald.              John Wilson.

Becky Anderson.      Carisa Mitcheson.        Eddie Rees.

Alex Pettigrew.          Dave Dalton.                  Lee Stonehouse.

Kirsty Brumpton.       Peter Brumpton.           John Galloway.

Wayne Knight.           Mally Mitceson.             Jimmy Traynor.

Members apologies.

Simon Towse.           Matt Oxley.                       Howard Snape.

Minutes of the last AGM.

He then read out the minutes of the last AGM.

Matters arising.

After discussing three (3) items the minutes were accepted and recorded as true.

Item 1     Handbook. This was held in abeyance whilst the treasurer looked into funding this by sponsorship.

Item 2     Results of the last AGM. It was briefly discussed the events arising out of the last AGM and the effects of the aftermath. There was a growing feeling within the club that despite the blow to the club, at the time, the moral was in no way damaged. It resulted in more people stepping forward, volunteering and making the club stronger.

Item 3     The pros and cons of the new paying-in system were discussed through and every ones opinion was courted as to it's value.

Past Chair Report.

Below is a copy of the said report.

Treasurers' Report.

Owing to the apology of the treasurer the statement of account was read out and discussed.

Matters arising.

The treasurer remarked, in his absence, that the financial control that had being lacking in the past had improved greatly. He was happy to say the spending was now within sustainable limits. The need for a review of spending needed to be scrutinized.

Footnote to this scrutiny.

It was decided to place this before the managers meeting next month.

Subscriptions / HBSFL levy on players.

There was a long and frank discussion over these items and while it  was greatly improved there were areas that still needed to be addressed. He asked that the subs be raised to £120 per year. This was accepted and the three options from last year was left to the discretion of the managers.

Footnote to the subscriptions.

Fears were raised after the meeting over the rise, and suggestions were put forward as to how overcome the fears. So it is planned to put these to the next meeting of the managers in August.

Secretary's Report.

The report had being sent out prior to the meeting.

Matters arising.

Health checks.

Due to the greater use of technology by the FA, the ERCFA have also increased their usage. Three yearly Charter Standard assessment is to no longer to be the norm. It will now be a continuous review of people's qualifications, with a yearly review of the conduct of the club. This will result in the volunteers in the club no longer saying I have this, I have that, they will have to prove it.


It was suggested that the club prepares a meeting calendar to show types of meetings being held and when they are due. This is to allow members to plan ahead. This was agreed and is to be as follows -

January.         Presentation / AGM Meeting.

February        Admin Working Committee.

March             Club "open invite night" meeting. Open to all members/ parents to attend.

April.               Admin Working Committee.

May                 Managers "End of season" Meeting.

June.                The "DO"

July.                 The AGM.

August.            Managers "pre season Meeting.

September.      Admin Working Committee.

October.           Club "open invite night" Meeting.

November.        Admin Working Committee.

December.        Free month to enjoy the festive season, (Santa's not football)

All meeting are to be held on the second Thursday of each month, with the exception of June's when it will be held on the second weekend of the month.

Shields / Awards.

It was explained the new method which was placed into operation this year, the reason behind it, and the need to expand it each year to accompany the rise in team needs as the Club grows.


With the appointment last year of the three football sections representatives, and the success of the venture, it was decided to expand the trial to include greater inter-actions between the teams and the reps.

Football Secretary Report.

The football secretary reported that there had being no problems during the year, and said he was happy to continue along the same lines.

Netball Secretary's Report.

The netball rep stated that after a rocky start all things were now moving smoothly. She stated that to make the membership of the club financially feasible it was necessary to trim costs. There were plans in place to make this happen.

Appointment of Council Members.

President                       Colin Conman.

Chair                             Mally Mitcheson.

Vice Chair                      Rich Towse.

Treasurer                       Simon Towse.

General Secretary           Ellie Towse.

Minutes Secretary           Lee Stonehouse.

Football Secretary           Lee Stonehouse.

Media Officer                   Dave Dalton.

Volunteer Co-ordinator.     Ellie Towse.

Schools Liaison Officer.    Dave Dalton.

Child Protection Officer.    Jimmy Traynor.

Football Representatives  

Mini.                                Dave Dalton.

Female                            Jointly held

                                       Carisa Mitcheson and Rebecca Anderson.

11 a side                          Rich Towse.

After the elections the new members took up their places.

Identification and appointment of teams / and their managers.

This was as per agreed previously and there were no changes to the positions. The managers were then asked to choose their own coaches and other assistants, bearing in mind the new health checks.

Voting on Constitution changes.

There were two too vote upon.

1 Right of appeal.

Within the constitution the members who face disciplinary procedures do not know where to go, what to do and how to do it. This is to cover the relevant points.

The new wording was agreed and would be placed in the written constitution.

2  Club financial signatories.

Within the constitution there were a conflict over the numbers required. This is to rectify the amount, so it is the same in all cases.

The new wording was agreed and would be placed in the written constitution.

Voting on matters placed before the Club.

Long term strategy for development.

This was agreed it was a good idea but placed it in abeyance for two years until the football foundation grant is settled.

Forecasting of the next meeting.

Due to acceptance of the calendar this is now a settled chain of meetings.

Receive the present Chair closing address.

He then closed the meeting.

Agenda for Management Meeting.

13th January. 2011.


Present, and apologies.

Football Foundation grant.

Disposal of surplus kit.(charity)

Charter Standard Annual Health Check.

Tickton Parish Council Annual Agreement.

Teams paying-in.

Awards committee.

Kit / training wear committee.

Chairs address / business.

Has there will be two guests present we have asked them to " just turn up ".

The chair will keep the agenda flexible to allow the guests to have their say and not be inconvenienced by hanging around.

Minutes of Council Meetings.

Meeting of Club Management Committee.

Held 11 Nov


Club Management Committee.


Colin Conman                                Chair

Simon Towse                                 Treasurer.

Jimmy Traynor                                General Secretary.

Lee Stonehouse                             Football Secretary.

Alex Pettigrew,                                 Mini Soccer rep, (stand-in for Dave Dalton).

Rich Towse,                                    11 a side Rep.

Mally Mitcheson,                             Female Rep/vice chair.

Ellie Towse                                     Web site Editor.

Carisa Mitcheson                           Netball Rep.


Sam Towse                                     Minutes Secretary

Dave Dalton,                                    Mini-soccer Rep.

Minutes of Last Meeting.

Were read out and corrections made, then they were accepted as true copy.

Matters Arising.

The Chair noted that attendances were down and suggestions were put forward to try to rectify.

Amongst suggestions that is to be acted upon was the Chair would text all who are due to attend a meeting would be reminded one week before hand.

Mini Soccer.

Managers who had report shortage of footballs were reminded that there is surplus equipment in the lock-up. This is there for the use of all.

The Lock-up

It was reported as leaking. Upon inspection it was found to be the case, (holes in the roof,) and steps have being taken to have them repaired.


We have received a reminder over our obligation to the Parish Council over agreements to clear debris, mud from area and parking.

It was noted that at times teams are training in their own goal mouths, this adds to the wear and tear during bad weather. Could managers make an effort to rotate the area of training to spread out wear? This will ensure they have a better playing surface when it comes to games.

Beverley Leisure Centre.

The number to call now is the 11 a side rep, Rich Towse. He is willing to take over from the Secretary.

The Gen Sec will inform the B. L. C. to ring direct to Rich over conditions of the grounds/pitches.

Treasurers Report.

Simon reported that teams were paying into the bank their subs but the cashier at the bank some times did not record the team paying in. Payees are requested to remind the cashier taking your subs to record your team number.

Direct Debits.

The club would like to thank all who have take up this method of payment. The ease with which it comes in now means that the club can now budget ahead on a sound financial footing.

Monthly Statements of Accounts’

It was noted that there is two teams within the club not yet taken advantage of this method of recording of paying in. Whist it is not compulsory to pay by direct debit there must be regular payments made. Every team must pay their share of the cost of running the club. The chair and the treasurer are to have words with the two teams concerned over this.

Rain Jackets.

These were discussed and there appears to be a shortage of certain sizes. In addition, the need to obtain a better quality of top was identified. With regular payments now settling down the treasurer is to look at the cost of supplying more tops.

Football Secretaries Report.

The need to obtain more and better quality, of respect barriers was identified and efforts are to be made to source a better barrier.

Further Business.

Property Register.

A form of recognition of who has what, and what the club own was talked over as the football secretary is ordering new equipment when there is good quality equipment not in use in the lock-up. All it needs is identifying and being placed in a position for use.


A survey is needed to seek out the full needs of the club on a yearly basis. The ad-hoc method now used is dated and needs reviewing.

Under 10’s.

A letter was presented to the committee from Pip Pearson over his involvement of the U 10 Pumas. He is stepping down as manager to become assistant manager to Matt at the Cougars. The Cougars will have a new manager for the second stage of the season. Pip made it is mission to cover the needs of the team for the remainder of the season.

From season 2011 2012 there is the very good prospects of being two teams in the league at this age group. With 28 training every week not all get to play on the weekend. Moves are being put into place to bring in a new manager to form the new team. If we can receive the permission of the HBSFL it may be possible the present extra number of players being formed into a team to play friendlies to prepare them for next season. This is being investigated.

Female Football.

The need to take steps to provide continues ladder of progress and growth in the girls set up was discussed. Areas of difficulty were identified and plans are to be drawn up to rectify this for 20011 to 2012 season.


The present set up of each team being autonomous in its self is a recipe for failure. The need to help each other out, with out interfering, is the basis of a well ran club. With this in mind, a blue print of co-operation is being drawn up. Help and assistance should be freely and readily available to all, before the situation becomes serious. The added benefit of this will be that no player is left on the sidelines but will be part of a team squad with all the benefits that entails. You train; you become part of a team squad. Any manager/coach or official who is under pressure can also get help.


This was the outcome of the previous discussions and the need to plan well in advance of each new season was empathized. This is to cover all team, and club needs, from players, playing strips, to equipment for training and/or playing.

The chair closed the meeting at 9; 50 and thanked everyone for their time and effort, with the forecasting of the next meeting being a Managers Meeting which will be held on the 13th January, in Hodgsons at 7; 30.

Agenda for the 14th Sept, 2010




Chairmans opening address.

Minutes of the last meeting.

Matters arising.

Secretaries report.

Treasurers report.

Football Secretaries report.

Update and feedback of the Paying-in system.

Mentoring/assisting coaching scheme.

Chairs' closing address and forecasting of the next meeting.

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