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2017 Presentation times   TBC

2017 Presentation date    22nd Feb

Team pages updated    1st Sept

U9 results update    1st Sept


Club Affiliation number for season 2016/17




Public Liability Insurance.

The copy of the Public Liability Insurance will be received at the same time.



(Drills, Health & Safety, Session plans, Etc)





* * 2014-15 Pitches * *



After long, detailed and exhaustive discussion over pitch facilities we are pleased to say they are for 2014/15 season as follows-


The 12 junior teams & 1 adult teams are all at Longcroft School.

Pitches and times are as follows-


The Boys teams

U11 Tigers and U12 Warriors

pitch share Pitch 6 both K.O. 10am

U11 Bulldogs and U12 Sharks

pitch share Pitch 7 both K.O. 10am

U11 Terriers and U12 Tigers

pitch share Pitch 8 both K.O. 10am

U13 Thunder K.O. 10.30am Pitch 2

U14 Pumas K.O. 10.30am Pitch 3

U15 Wolves and U15 Foxes

pitch share Pitch 1 both K.O. 10am

U9 Vipers and U9 Cobras

pitch share Pitch 9 both K.O. 10am

The Adults teams

Tickton Ladies

Pitch 1 K.O. 2pm

Any problems please call.

Rich on 01482 868414


Pitch Booking Grid at Tickton


Teams who have booked have claim over pitch.

Now the season has started, please read fixture lists to see if anyone is scheduled to play. Cup games will mean change of fixture list etc. If you are in conflict with another team a decision will be made as to who plays when and where. Better to agree between yourselves than have some outsider do it for you.



Pitch 1

Pitch 2
Pitch 3





Pitch 1 -

Pitch 2 -

Pitch 3 -

All teams K.O. 10am

Lights / Toilets at Tickton

Once again the lights and fan were left running after training, with the door open so the Village Hall have asked the Club for money towards the cost. That's  £10 we need not have spent. Have a think lads, there is a lot going on with players, parents and everyone else, if need be get your right hand man to check you out.

Result for the 7's, 8's, 9's, 10's & 11's

Due to the FA not recording scores or results of the young age group we have approached the HBSFL to find out how we can record their matches on the web site. They are a vital future for this club and they do deserve to be treated the same as every other team and age group. Just as soon as the league inform us, we will then react to their ruling.


Unfortunately the response we have received is that we are NOT allowed to put results on the website for U7, U8 & U9. (Sept 2013)


Car parking Complaints

We must appreciate that the amount of extra cars on training and match days is an inconvenience to residents.  Please make sure that you park in Cullington Fields, as the car park at the Village Hall is nothing to do with the field. 

We value the use of the field, if we cannot regulate the parking situation we will jeopardize use of the field.  Please work with us not against us.



Please, note the importance of filling in an AFC Tickton player registration form for every player. These forms give you permission, when signed by player/parent to administer first aid, allow photographs to be taken of the player and confirms that they will abide by the Clubs Code of Conduct. Also you can gather very important medical and emergency contact information which you should have with you at all times.

All players must fill one in.

If you need any more forms please contact Jimmy or Ellie



We have been supplied by Tickton Parish Council with some police cones. Can the first Manager at Tickton on a Saturday and Sunday am please place these along the roadside outside the village hall and up past the bus stop. Also please place the Tickton traffic cones on the grass to stop people parking on there.The last manager to leave on these days should collect in, all cones and return to the lockup. Check that the toilet light is off, sign inside and then locked. The key returned to the lockup. Lastly please secure the lockup.

Please remember to advise all your parents/players and away teams that the parking facilities for AFC Tickton are Cullington Fields or Weel Rd.



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