Parking, Access & Site Rules


Parking space can be found at the front of the school after the first set of gates alternatively, additional parking can be found if you follow the long road up to the top and take the left turn in front of the main sports hall, there is a basketball court and additional parking for all visitors in and around this area.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE CAR PARK AFTER THE SPORTS HALL – This car park is for Managers, Referees, Equipment Carriers and Disabled Parking ONLY – Parking volunteers will be present to help point you in the right direction if you are not part of the above.


There is heavy traffic at peak times (Saturday & Sunday AM) so please refrain from coming to the top near the sports hall as there is no space to turn around whilst keeping incoming and outgoing traffic flowing, we advise drop offs are done at the start of the school grounds.

TOP CAR PARK is for Managers, Referees, Equipment Carriers and Disabled Parking ONLY – Give our friendly parking volunteers a wave to let you through. (If no attendant on duty please ensure cones are placed back after you have passed through)


NO DOGS are permitted on the site – Assistance dogs are allowed although they MUST be kept on a signed harness

We hold a ZERO TOLERANCE rule on smoking on site, this includes vapes or any other form of smoking. You will be aware of this already as the FA have a rule of “Smoke Free Sidelines

Should you wish to smoke, please walk off the premises and return when you have finished.

Thank you for your co-operation.

AFC Tickton


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