Tickton Club Constitution

The Club shall be known as A.F.C. Tickton.

Club’s Objects and Aims.

The object and aims of the Club shall be, To promote, develop and support, whilst providing sporting activities as a vital part of the community, for the participation of all from Tickton and surrounding areas, regardless of sex, age, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs of the individual. The provision of opportunities for the social events and inter-action amongst its members, families, and supporters. Membership Shall be open to anyone on the playing, management, coaching aspect of the Club. Shall be open to anyone on the administration or organizational aspect of the management of the Club.       Membership shall be deemed valid once the individual has signed a valid agreement form. Footnote to membership. Parents and/or guardians shall be deemed honorary members once their children and / or wards have signed a registration form.     The Club shall have the authority, for good and valid reasons, e.g., gross misconduct, to exclude from Club membership, meetings, social events or sporting activities any individual member/s, providing that said member shall have the right of appeal. Members have the right of appeal against a disciplinary decision, providing they submit, in writing, to the General Secretary, within 7 (seven)  days of being informed of the decision being made.   The appeal will be heard by the Governing Council at an E. G. M. called, in line with the constitution, specifically for that purpose. The final, binding decision will stand, and be enforced, when made by the E. G. M, called for that specific purpose. Limitation of membership shall only be allowed on the grounds of available facilities. Organization. The Club policies and affairs shall be entrusted to an elected Governing Council as defined within the rules of the constitution of the Club. Members’ appointments shall be for a term of up to a one-year period, until the next and/or the following Annual General Meeting. Nominations will be received, acted upon, and confirmed on, at the Annual General Meeting.       They shall be confirmed by a simple majority of the members votes cast who are present and entitled to vote, at the Annual General Meeting.        Serving members can submit themselves up for re-election at the end of their term of office.       Appointments shall be deemed as effected as and when the positions are filled as a result on the ballot, when confirmation is announced. All newly elected officers shall have the authority to act in their roles as and when confirmed.        If more than two (2) people are nominated for the same position / s, there shall be a vote of members to decide who fills the position/s. A simple majority of members present, who are entitled to vote, shall decide. A council member shall cease to hold office if as such they no longer are a member of the Club, resigns by written / verbal notice and/or the council remove for good cause. After the said member concerned has being given the chance to put their case to the council with an appeal to the Club members. Elected Officers. Eleven (11) in total. ·    President. ·    Chairperson ·    Deputy Chair. ·   General Secretary. ·   Minutes Secretary. ·  Treasurer. ·   Football Secretary. ·  Social Secretary. ·  Volunteer Co-Ordinator. ·   Schools Liaison Officer. ·  Child Welfare Officer. Honorary Officers. Numbers in total to be dictated by –

·      Number of teams.

·      Number of sports.

·      Demands on the Club by outside influences such as – The Law of the Land.

Rules and Regulations of the Clubs’ sports National Governing Bodies. Rules and regulations of the Clubs’ sports Affiliated Governing Bodies. Members who hold the right to sit upon the council by virtue of their position within the Club Members who hold the right to sit upon the council by virtue of their expertise in a particular field.

·      Team Managers/Coaches and their assistants.

·      Child Protection Officer.

·      Team Representatives.

·      Media/Press Administrator.

Total number to be consistent with good working practices. Appointed Officers. Life Vice-Presidents may be appointed at any time by the Council at its’ absolute discretion. Life Vice-Presidents shall have be entitled to receive notice of, attend, and vote at all council meetings. They shall be entitled to remain on the council for the rest of their lives without the need to be re-elected. Governing Council The policymaking and general management of the Club shall be entrusted to a Full Club Council as defined within the rules of the constitution of the Club The governing council shall consist of the Elected and Honorary Officers.          The council shall have the authority to deal with all and / or any matters relating to protests, disputes, claims, reports, or charges regarding any Club member, group of members or teams acting on Club business or matters. The council shall have the authority to appoint, co-op or elect individuals or sub committees to oversee special tasks.          The council shall have the right to fill any vacancies or co-op onto the council appointments as and when needs dictate. The council shall have the authority to raise funds, by borrowing finance on any real or personnel property belonging to the Club, by subscription, fees, levies, donations, grants, or awards, and to invest funds in any lawful manner. The Council shall have the authority to allocate funds or resources for services rendered to the Club, by way of remuneration or expenses to any member/s of the Club also to other person/s         The council shall have the authority to establish or participate in the publishing or printing of any book, pamphlet, and or broadsheet in the furtherance of the Clubs’ business, either in hard back or in electronic format. The Council shall have the authority to hold, lease, purchase, and mortgage or to enter into any such agreement over land and / or related facilities.        The Council shall have the authority to erect and / or furnish any such building it considers necessary or desirable to the Clubs’ wellbeing. The Club shall have the authority to participate in any other business or sport in furtherance of the Clubs’ objects and aims. The council shall have the authority to employ and engage staff and other means to provide services to the Club.        The council shall have the authority to co-operate with and/or affiliate to any bodies regulating or organizing any sport for the benefit of the Club. The council shall have the authority to co-operate with, or affiliate to; any club or body involved within the ethos of the Clubs’ objects and aims. The council shall have the authority to co-operate with local government, and related agencies.        The council shall have the authority to elect or appoint team officials. The council shall have the authority to elect or appoint volunteers into positions of trust.       The councils’ decisions shall be binding upon Club members and teams until they are ratified, rescinded, or amended at the following Annual General Meeting. All interim decisions shall be reviewed at the following Annual General Meeting.

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