Tickton Club Rules

To be read in conjunction with and alongside of all other edicts of the Club, the constitutions and Codes of Conduct.

CORPORATE IMAGE               

It is significant that as a Club we present a united front.                    

1.1 All teams that represent the Club will be attired in the official sanctioned collective corporate image.                      

1.2 All deviations from this must be endorsed by the Club Management Committee and authorized by the Full Council.

This is to cover playing wear, match kit, training clothing, and Casual Image.                  

1.3 The Club is committed to providing players, officials and members with the opportunity to purchase Club Corporate Image items on sale, on the web site or via The Official Online Club Shop. These may be purchased by the individual and as such they remain the property of the individual.                     

1.4 The Club will place on the website or The Official Online Club Shop clothing wear that members can purchase to further enhance the corporate image.                     

1.5 All items to be ordered by individual teams or members shall be selected from the officially approved merchandise lines by the said individual teams and / or members.


All financial matter will be conducted with the Clubs Object and Aims in mind.                    

2.1 The donations, fees, and subscriptions paid by the individuals will be decided annually at the Annual General Meeting.                   

2.2 The collection of the monies will be determined on a team basis.                    

2.3 The manager of the team in question will be responsible for the collection of the said monies.                   

2.4 The manager will only have the discretion to vary this said amount too suit a particular need of an individual after consultation with the Club Committee.                   

2.5 All payments gathered in the name of the Club will be deposited into the stated bank nominated by the Club.                     

2.6 The manner of paying in amounts will be in line with current instructions laid down by the Club, decided at the Annual General Meeting.                   

2.7 Teams will hold a kitty of a stated amount, decided at the Annual General Meeting, to cover the cost of every day authorized expenses, subject to the needs of the particular team.                 

2.8 Any amount of expenditure over the level of the kitty will be first agreed with the Club, before expenditure.                  

2.9 All expenses, over the level of the kitty, will be covered by proof of purchase, bill, or invoice.                   

2.10 All expenditure under the level of the kitty amount will be covered by a self-declaration when paying in to the Treasurer, Stated Bank, or by regular collections.               

2.11 All monies collected will be paid into the Club bank account.                   

2.12 Monies will be paid in accompanied by the authorized proof of deposit statement to the nominated person, at the stated period.


Finance will be categorized into two areas, Sponsorship, and Fund Raising.       

3.1 Sponsorship.                    

3.1a Sponsorship of team clothing wear will be fully invested into the Club account. All costs involved over Club wear i.e., printing, badge embroidery will be met out of Club funds

All sponsorship raised by the individual team/s will be used for the benefit of those team/s                    

3.1b Any sponsorship originated for the Club, without direct connection to an individual element of the Club, will be deposited into the Club’s bank account “to be used within the Clubs continuing development”                     

3.1c Any sponsorship subject to its being nominated by particular donor’s sponsorship requests as to it being utilized in their precise  requested manner will be directed in that direction.          


Fund raising will fall into two classifications.                      

3.2a Monies raised will be deposited in its entirety into the Club funds if the said monies raised are of a general or open Club activity.                 

3.2b Monies raised will be under the ownership of the parties concerned with the raising of the monies, if the said monies raised are made by activities of the individual parties                       


All officials will be scrutinized to ensure they conform up to the legal standard and display an acceptable standard of conduct.


4.1 At an Annual General Meeting the managers of the next season’s teams will be nominated, accepted, and confirmed.                   

4.2 After receiving the Club acceptance, and confirmation of their appointments, the Manager will be encouraged to, and supported in their selection of their own backroom staff.                

4.3 The Club will scrutinize potential nomination as to their suitability. This is also subject to the approval and acceptance by the legal checks on all Football volunteers by the statutory boards nominated by the Football Association Ltd and the East Riding County FA Ltd. These appointments will be confirmed by the council.                    

4.1a All managers are responsible for the registration of players in their team.                     

4.2a All managers will liaise with the Property Officer over the supply of playing kit, training wear and any equipment needed in the playing or training of their team.                   

 4.3a All managers will have authorization to retain control of the playing, and training aspect of the team.                     

4.4a All managers will be responsible to the Club, for the administrative side of the team, and the organization of the assistants they appoint.                     

4.5a All managers are responsible, to the Club, for the administration side of the team involved with belonging to their relevant league, to include the attendance of meetings, both Club, and league on a regular basis.                      

4.6a All managers are responsible for the discipline of, and dealing with, cases of disciplinary action within their team. They will have to liaise with the Discipline Secretary and Treasurer over the costing of these actions.                    

4.7a All managers are responsible to the Club over the conduct of their parents and spectators. They must read and obey the Club’s Codes of Conduct, following on from the guidelines laid down by the FA Ltd and the ERCFA Ltd over the respect campaign.                   

4.8a The Club will support all the teams fully to the extent of their powers.                      

4.9a The Club retain the right to offer, suggest, or emphasis the need to maintain the highest standard in line with our Charter Standard Mark.


The Club will endeavor to provide the best affordable facilities consistent with cost efficiency.                   

5.1 All manager and volunteers have a responsibility to our hosts over all agreements between the many parties involved and behave in an honorable manner with consideration for others. Because of the multi-use of the playing facilities care and consideration must be extended to all other users of the facilities, and special consideration must be shown to Tickton village, village hall and the populace of the area.                     

5.2 All facilities will be inspected prior to acceptance with the Club for suitability, fitness for purpose and cost efficiency.                    

5.3 The Club will liaise with the various authorities and organizations to ensure we acquire worthwhile facilities.                    

5.4 Managers of the various teams are to make their requirements known at the earliest opportunities to enable the Club to accomplish its forward planning.                     

5.5 No facilities will be paid for, by the Club, until the Management Committee has authorized its use.                     

5.6 Teams moving into and using un-authorized facilities may be required to finance its use on its own recognizance.                     

5.7 The Club will meet playing, and training costs subject to their prior approval.                      

5.8 The Club will negotiate with any authority or organization over the furtherance and supply of facilities.                      

5.9 The Club will make every attempt to meet the wishes of the individual teams in their requests.

CLUB DISCPLINE                  

The Club retain the right to act in defence of its’ good name.

Discipline will divided into two areas of regulation  

TEAM DISCIPLINE                    

6.1a Players, officials, and team discipline will be subject to strict guidelines in force by the Club alongside of the Football Association Ltd, and East Riding County Football Association Ltd rules and regulations and in line with their Respect Campaign.                 

6.1b Players, officials, and/or teams receiving an official caution will be charged to the exact amount that the Club are charged.                     

6.1c Players, officials, and / or teams receiving a misconduct charge will be charged to the exact amount that the Club are charged.                     

6.1d Players, Officials, and / or teams receiving an official misconduct charge will be charged the exact amount that the Club are charged.                    

6.1e Charges attributed to the Club, in the name of the individual team, will be charged to that individual team, at the exact amount that the Club are charged.                  

6.1f All appeals, reviews, and personnel hearing will be charged to the individual case in question.                   

6.1g All cases of discipline received against a Club’s individual player, team, or groups of spectators will be reviewed by the Club Management Committee who is authorized to subscribe to the cost in part or in full.                   

6.1h The Club also retain the right to charge an administration fee if it so deems.    

CLUB DISCIPLINE                   

6.2a Any one person, or group of people that by their actions bring the name of the Club into dispute, or discredit will render themselves open to the disciplinary action the Club, this up to, and including expulsion, as the Club see fit.                    

6.2b All discipline decisions will be subject to the individuals’ right of appeal. 

VOLUNTEER WORKFORCE                  

7.1 The Club will treat its volunteers with the respect and gratitude that their conduct and behaviour deserve.                   

7.2 All volunteers will be correctly authorised, qualified, and certificated to carry out their appointed roles.                     

7.3 All volunteers will be afforded the full basic training essential to carry out the roles.                     

7.4 All necessary courses will be identified and charged to the Club.                    

7.5 All volunteers will be encouraged to advance their qualifications and skills necessary to carry out their roles and responsibilities.                      

7.6 All advantageous courses will be identified and charged to the Club, subject to the state of the Club’s financial standing at that moment in time, and subject to the approval of the Club Management Committee.                    

7.7 All advancement courses requested by the individuals will be financed in part, or fully, following a decision of the Club.                     

7.8 The individual may be requested to contribute to the final cost, subject to terms and conditions agreed by both parties.                      

7.9 All volunteers are non-paid members of the Club.                     

7.10 Expenses incurred by an individual during their course of actions, in the name of the Club, will be reviewed by the Club Management Committee, and a form of reimbursement may be tended.                     

7.11 All task efforts carried out in the name of the Club will be the property of the Club, for which a form on reimbursement may be tended.             

7.12 The Club shall retain the right to reward any effort by the individual in recognition of the fact.

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