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Thank you every one who has attended last year and I hope you all will be there when we start again in the sports hall at 9o'clock on Saturday, the 15th of January.

With the number of players we have we would like to look to forming a team for next season. So if there is any more out there who would like to play in a team please just turn up. The bigger the squad the better.

We will still have the younger ones training to learn and have fun but the 6 to 7 will be training to play in a team.

From Jan 15th date onwards we will be concentrating on two fronts.

Number 1.

Formatting the players training into team training for the players to build a team for season 2011 to 2012 for to play in the H B S F L.

There are some now training who could fit straight into a team, with no more training. So with the extra training we will, hopefully, have enough players to form a team. 7 in a team, but with subs we will need a squad of at least 10.

Number 2.

Letting the younger one still have their fun training.

That way they can see what team training is all about and prepare them selves for their turn.

If you know of anyone else interested in starting playing, bring them along to join in the fun, The more the merrier. There is also a place available for a manager and/or coach, male of female, in the new set up. If you are interested in helping the bairns please have a chat with me, or any of the other managers/coaches about what is involved. Believe me it is great fun running a kids' team.











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