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AGE under 6 YEARS


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Saturday, 31st July.

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Back to Longcroft.

With the the under 7's team trials over, I am pleased to announce that we had two players who were accepted for the team. Well done, Riley and Luca, you both did us proud.

We have changed it around a bit as, now, we are to use the School as a development squad. That means we will work on improving the players up to team standard, then we will be able to put them straight into next seasons' leagues. Now for the rest of us it is back to summer fun training and working hard to to make the next team formed. We have, already one or two tasty players who with a bit of coaching will make next seasons ' team. Once they reach 6 that is.

So it is back to Longcroft at 9am on Saturday, 07th.


Fun football.

A one hour session of fun for the under age players before they join into a team.

It will be still be an open event, where anyone can turn up and play, if anyone wants to just invite all your friends, relatives and school chums.

please do so.

Training starts again on Saturdays,07th August from 9 till 10am at Longcroft Upper School in the Main Sports Hall, or if it is fine on the grass outside.

Please contact Jimmy if you would like to come along for a fun filled session of football coaching in a safe, secure, weather proof environment.








Jimmy Traynor

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07504 925 870


Rebecca Anderson



Carisa Mitcheson


Mally Mitcheson.

01482 888 120

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