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Page last up-dated, 22; 30, Tuesday, 03rd June 2008.


The girls league are having the Presentation Night on Friday, 20th June. It will be held in the Asylum Room, Hull University, starting at 7pm ending at approximately 11; 00pm.

We will receive 35 tickets for the do, if we require more we have to buy them at £2 each. So it is first come first served and then if we want more we buy.

Can you please let me know how many you want?

There will be a couple of Hull City players there to make the presentations. Bar facilities will be available until 10; 30pm.


We have done it.

Congratulations girls, not only on a magnificent display today but for all your hard work throughout the season. I may be biased but you deserved it.

Hard work, skill and never say die attitude won through in the end.


Here it is.

Proof of


Also Winners of the

A. F. C. Tickton Team of the Season 2008.


Raring to go,

first training session indoors ready for the new 07-08 season.



Season 2006 to 2007


When all of the girls joined this team, we all played well individually, but not as a team. Over the months, matches and practices, we have become a great team as one. We have all jelled in to positions and become good friends with one and other. We have a great goalie, 2 fantastic defenders, 2 incredible midfielder and 2 unbelievable shooters


So wrote the captain of the season 2006 to 2007 Under 12s' team Chloe Bottomley. Front row on the right. I was lucky enough to be manager of that team and Chloe is right in all she says. It is also my aim to match that feat this season with all the new players. We have only had one organized game arranged, ( in fact it turned out to be three) but in that space of time the signs for an happy season were good. Each player played for each other and the encouragement towards each other was a sign of good times ahead.



Current news and information

Please note

The team that took us to the top.

Girls everyone is proud of you.

Thank you.



Our regular training place now due to the light nights coming in, is at Beverley Longcroft School, outside pitches.

So remember every Tuesday night 6 to 7;00pm Longcroft School.

Players for season 2008/09

Now we are half way through the 2007/08 we have to start looking to forming teams for next season. That is at under 12's and 14's age groups. Some of the team move up, some stay at 12 level.

If anyone has any friends or if they know of anyone who would like to try out invite them to come to training with you.

We are sure to need some more players for the new season.

Also if you know of any one in the under 10's or 16's age groups I am sure they would be most welcome to come up and try out .

Mally and Jon would welcome them.


League Table

Last  updated at  17; 30, Sat 17th May 2008  

A. F. C. Tickton
Westella & Willerby

Malet Lambert Belles

Springhead "A"
Springhead "B"
Flamborough Girls
South Cave Juniors B
Driffield Junior
Victoria Dock
Hornsea Sporting
Cottingham Rangers "B"


Girls the Big One.

On paper the game on Saturday, 17th May, away to Westella & Willerby, is the big one. I do not think so, as this team has done more in this season than anyone expected. We started off wanting to finish in the top five and here we are fighting for the top spot. Four places better than we aimed for. Every one who has turned out for the team this season has done exceptionally well. When we started only three girls had played football before, all the rest were newcomers. It shows how far we have come.

Now we are a team, a team of players.

One for all and all for one.

The CLUB is rightly proud of you all.


Stop press.

The game has now being moved forward to 10; 00 o'clock.

Westella says it is down to there being a cricket match on after our game. You can believe that if you wish !  The term gamesmanship springs to my mind. Any thing to gain an advantage over us.



The final four games of the season are now fixed. We do NOT have a game on Tuesday, so it is training as usual. The ERGFL made the final decision on when we have to play. It is -

The four games left are.

Saturday 03rd May we are AWAY to Victoria Docks, kick-off is at 10; 30 they play at Victoria Dock Primary School.

Thursday 08th May we are AWAY to Cottingham Rangers. Kick-off for this match is at 6; 30 at Cottingham High School. Not the 6th as published in the ERGFL web site.

Saturday 10th May we are at HOME to Springhead "A" kick - off is at 10; 30  Beverley Leisure Centre.

Saturday 17th May we have our final game AWAY to Westella & Willerby. Kick - off is at 10; 30 and they play at YPI Chanterland's Avenue.

Once again we have being let down by the other team.

Westella called the game off at a late stage, which meant we had no game, AGAIN on a Saturday. The game will have to be held on a mid week date. So girls check out your diary's for empty free days. Now we have at least two, Westella, away and Springhead A at home.

Saturday, 19th April. The big one!!! we are AWAY to Westella & Willerby.

Their ground is at Chanterland Avenue off Cottingham Road. Kick-off at 10; 30. Transport will leave the Museum at 20 to ten.

Saturday, 12th April we are at HOME to Springhead B. Kick - off is at 10; 30 at the Beverley Leisure Centre. Be there for 10 past 10 at the latest.

Tuesday, 08th April we are at HOME and will play our postponed game against Springhead "A" at the Leisure Centre, kick-off is at 6; 30pm.

Once again Springhead have called off, this game is now cancelled and is to be rearranged for a later date. Possibly the 30th April.

There will be no games until we met South Cave Juniors, AWAY, on the 05th April.

Transport for the Cave game will leave the car park at the army museum at 11; 30am for a kick off at 12; 30am. The game is at Brough School which is in Hunter Road, off Elloughton Road, Brough.

Transport details will be on the web site nearer the date. Keep looking.

Saturday, 15th March back at the Leisure Centre for a tough game against the team in 5th place in the league. Springhead "A" are the visitors and kick-off is at 10; 30.

Springhead have cried off playing us. We will now have to play them later on in the season.

Saturday, 08th March we are at the seaside, a trip to Hornsea, they kick off at 10; 30 playing out of the Hornsea Primary School. 20 minutes to get there so we leave the Museum car park at 9; 40, met at 9; 30.

Saturday, 01st March we are at HOME to Malet Lambert Belles, kick-off at 10; 30 at the Beverley Leisure Centre. Be there for 10; 00.

Saturday, 23rd February we have the longest away trip of the season, that being the journey to Flamborough. Kick-off is at 11o'clock so as it is the best part of a hour ride, 40 minutes at least with no traffic, we will leave the Army Museums car park at 1/4 to 10, so meet at 9; 30.

Saturday, 16th February we are at HOME to Driffield Girls. The Kick-off  is at 10; 30 at the Beverley Leisure Centre. Be there for 10; 10am at the latest

Saturday, 09th February we are involved in the Under 12's Plate competition. The draw has paired us against Hedon Rangers from Div 1, but has being kind enough to give us the home advantage. So kick-off at 10; 30 as usual. Beverley Leisure Centre.

Saturday, 02nd February we are on our travels to play AWAY at Cottingham High School against Cottingham Rangers "B". Kick-off is at 10; 00. We will have to leave the Car Park at 20minutes past 9 at the latest.

This game cancelled due to weather conditions. To be re-arranged.

Saturday, 26th January we are Home to new team Victoria Docks. The kick-off is for 10; 30, so everyone be there for 10; 10 at the latest.

Saturday, 15th December we are at HOME to league leaders Westella & Willerby. Kick-off is at 10; 30, so be there at 10 minutes past 10 at the latest

Saturday, 8th December we are AWAY to Springhead "B". The kick-off is at 10; 30 so the same as the arrangements for the "A" team game three weeks ago. Meet at the Army Museum Car park at 9; 30 to leave soon after, that will give us time to get there and warm up before the game.

The game on Saturday is at Beverley Leisure Centre, kickoff at 10; 30, so be there for 10 to 1/4 past at the latest. We are due to play Cottingham Rangers "B".

Saturday, 1st December we are at HOME to Hessle Town Blues in the Under 12's Knock-out Cup, kick off at 10; 30 so be at the Leisure Centre at 10; 00 so we can talk about the game before hand. Hessle are in the league above us so we will have to play well to win.

Saturday 24th November we are at HOME to South Cave, kick-off at 10; 30 so be there for 10; 00

Saturday 17th November we are AWAY to Springhead "A", kick off at 10; 30. So that means we will leave The Transport Museum car park at 9; 30, half an hour or so to get there half an hour to warm up and prepare.

Saturday 10th November we are at HOME to Hornsea, kick off at 10; 30, so be at the Leisure Centre for 10 past 10.

On Saturday 03 November we are drawn AWAY to Mally Belles in the cup, so it is a repeat of last Saturday. See you all at training on Monday night. If any one needs lifts please get in contact. At training everyone said they were fixed up.

With 20 to the 26th October being a half term break there will be no training at the Beverley Grammar School on Monday the 22nd.Being half term at training on next Monday we all had a talk and it was decided to have a training session at the Leisure Centre to work on a few pointers. There is a couple away for the break but there should be enough of us to have a good training session.

So it is 10; 00 on Saturday morning, (20th) at the Leisure Centre. We can work on a few moves because the following week we are away to the league second placed team. A tough game.

We will next meet for the game with Malet Lambert at Malet Lambert School, on James Reckett Avenue, at the back of East Park, kick off 11; 00. If anyone needs a lift please let me know and I will come through to Beverley to pick you up.

On Saturday 13th October we are home, Beverley Leisure Centre, to Flamborough Girls, kick-of is at 10; 30. So can you all be there at 10; 00am.

On Saturday the 06th October we are away to Driffield Vixens, at Allotment Lane, Driffield kick-off at  10; 30.





First home game of the season, Cottingham Rangers.

Our first game of the season, home to Cottingham Rangers, and we got of to a flying start. After going a goal down in the first minute we fought back to level the score at half time. In the second half we played some good football as a team and were rewarded with two further goals and none against. We ran out 3-1 worthy winners. Well played girls. There was no-one chosen for Player of the Game as it was our first game together and there was no pressure put on any player, just enjoyment.

First away game of the season, Driffield Girls.

Our first away game of the season saw us travel to Driffield to take on Driffield Juniors. Playing some good attacking football we were worth more than a one goal lead. In the second half playing down the slope we soon added another goal. A lapse in concentration allowed Driff back in the game but we made sure of the points with another goal to run our 3 - 1 winners, again.

Player of the Game was the little diamond, Megan .


Home to Flamborough.

Our good run came crashing to a halt at home to Flamborough at the Leisure Centre. We started the game the brighter of the two teams and it was no surprise when Natalie was on hand, again, to slot in the opening goal. At that stage of the game we were cruising. Then came a disastrous few minutes when we conceded two quick goals. That was the score at half time, training two one. In the second half we did not seem to get going at all and it was no surprise when under pressure the star of the game put through our own goal. Flamborough added an other one late on to make the score 1 - 4.

Despite putting the visitors goal under extreme pressure in the second half we just could not finish off some good moves on our part. There were some good performances from individuals but we did not click as a team.

Player of the Game was Charlotte , as near as to a perfect ten as I have ever seen.

Away to Malet Lambert Belles.

Once again we thought we would have being up against it but the fighting spirit shone through. With a new pairing on the left of Loralie and Amber we had a more balanced look about us. With Mally having big girls up front we had thought we might be overpowered, but that was not the case. At the back Charlotte and Loralie stood firm. The midfield was run by Captain Olivia, ably assisted by Amber and Megan. Up front Natalie was causing all sorts of problems for their defense.

We went into a lead with a well worked goal, lots of commitment in the box, forcing their defense to panic and the move to be finished off by Natalie. 1-0 to us.

Then came a lapse in our concentration, twice we lost the ball in midfield and twice we were punished for it. 1 - 2 at half time.

After our half time team talk we went back to basic, worked hard in midfield and with the running of Megan and Nat up front went into the lead 3 - 2 to us. At that stage I thought we looked comfortable but an injury mean a reshuffle and a shot from long range,  that gave the keeper no chance, went in and we had to settle for a draw. We were well worth all three points. Well played girls. There were a number of good performances.

Player of the Game could have being any of 5 players but in the end it was our goalie that won it. Well played Kayleige .

Cup game away to Malet Lambert.

Nov 03rd saw us travel back to Malet Lambert School only this time in the U 12s' K O Cup.

Last weeks league game was a hard fought encounter but this week we put that game behind us and concentrated on the cup. We went out with the view of enjoying a good days' football. Our play matched the weather, warm bright and sunny. The team was forced into changes due to other commitments but the players coming in made sure the team did not suffer for it.

A power drive by the skipper, Olivia gave us a 1-0 half time lead. After the team talk we went out to play some good football and every player played their part. Even when we made changes it did not effect the team play. In fact a sub scored. At the back our two defenders made sure Kayleige did not have too much to do. Midfield controlled the game with it being held together by Olivia. Up front Natalie ran their defense ragged making them so tired that we added three more goal to end up 4 - 0 winners. Goal scorers were Olivia 1, Shannon 1, and two from Megan.

Once again it was a hard choice to make out Player of the Game, in the end it went narrowly to Charlotte , who held the defense rock steady, even clearing one of the line, the only time our keeper was beaten. Second time in three weeks Charlotte as won the trophy. Well played ! ! !



League game HOME to Hornsea Sporting.

November the 10th saw us back at home in the Beverley Leisure Centre.

With new players to trial and a game to be won we made hard work of it. There was a lack of discipline to the flow of the game which resulted in the players working twice as hard as their should have. The game lacked a controlled flow and whilst the endeavor was there, there was not much skill on display. Saying all that, the hard work paid off as we won by 4 goals to 1. The best move of the game came in the first half, when a flowing, passing move went down the left for the ball to be pulled back from the bye line to be tapped into the empty net by Megan.   Hornsea came back into the game when a solo move by their best player, with half the team watching,  give the keeper no chance. That stung us into replying and we did it in three goals to kill off the game and to record another 3 points in the bag.

There could have being anyone of four players to get the trophy but in the end it went to the one who always tried to play good constructive football.

Well done to Natalie, a true football player's display.


League game away to Springhead "A".

On a sharp cold day, away at Springhead Lane, we had a full squad to pick from, even if the musical genius was late. The good news was Ellie was back. With the manager of Springhead reffing,  we were up against it. The team were in fact, at times, playing seven V eight, so it was no surprise when they scored first. A shot was neatly palmed out by Kayleige but unlucky for us it fell to the feet of their forward who bundled it into the net. That did not dishearten us, as we went back to playing football and we got our reward. Not long after coming on as sub some neat work by Ellie put the ball in the path of Megan who showed coolness to put it into the net. This is after Ellie had being out with a broken hand and it was her first game back. In the second half, with no help from the ref we got our just rewards with three more goals. A free kick power drive from Charlotte, and a pair from Ellie. One a penalty that even the ref had to agree with and give us.

Once again the Player of the Game could have come from four players but for a outstanding work rate coupled with some neat one twos, and good football the award went to Amber Fawcett.

Well played Amber, skill with the ability to work hard got its' just reward.


League game Home to South Cave.

Another cold sharp morning saw us entertain South Cave, they came to the Leisure Centre with a record of having being beaten in only once in their 5 games. In a closely contested first half it was Cave who took the lead when a shot was saved by Kayleige only to be bundled over the line by a chasing Cave forward.  Half time saw us a goal behind.

At the start of the second half we took the game to them with a couple of good substitutes. Francis went on to steady the defense, allowing Ellie to push up into midfield to take control of the game. Even with Olivia, the captain off the field through injury we were able to apply pressure which they could not soak up. Once again it took a thunderbolt from Charlotte  to put us back in it. Only once we got there there was no letting up and with fresh legs coming on all the time we kept up the tempo. Ellie being released into midfield gave us the win we deserved. Two with the head, one an outstanding classic, the third may have seemed easy but to be there on the spot took a lot of hard work and Ellie made it look easy.

For once we had a choice of one player to pick out the player of the game. Even then the defensive partnership of Charlotte and Francis, who took up the captains arm band  gave us a base to build off. Hard running in midfield had its reward in the end but above all Ellie shone.

Well played Ellie. Skill, hard work and finishing power what a player.

Cup game HOME to Hessle Town Blues Of Division 1

The game today saw us take on a team that had only being beaten once in the league, so it should have being a good test of how far we have come. Alas, on the day, not far enough. We took the lead through a well worked goal with Megan finishing off in style. At that stage of the game we were well worth the one goal lead. A strike from outside the box deceived the keeper and at half time we went in at 1 - 1.

In the second half we put on fresh legs and kept moving players around to try to freshen up our game but to no avail. At one stage it seemed that every time they got the ball it looked like a goal. At the back we were sound but there was no team work in the rest of the side. Football is all about team work and like today if you do not play it you get punished

The Player of the Game had too come from the two defenders who seemed to be doing the work of five players. In front of them Ellie worked hard but in the end it went to Francis slightly ahead of her defensive partner.

Well played Francis. Every ball was played out to a team mate, Every ball that was there to be won was won. Every dangerous situation was covered.


League AWAY to Springhead B

We went into today's game looking to get over the cup match of last week and keep up our good away record.

The day started badly with a phone call from Kayleige that she could not make the game. With a request for volunteers to go in goal,  two were willing to do it for the team. In the end our captain, Olivia, went in with Francis taking over the armband. Ellie took up the mantle of playmaker in centre midfield and such were her surging runs and power play that we were soon in front with Megan putting the finishing touch to a great through ball for Ellie. In fact all three of our midfield were involved with all four goals. Megan, Ellie and Amber bossed the centre of the park.

They pulled one back in the second half but we ended up comfortable winners by 4 to 2, with Megan scoring all four.

The choice of Player of the Game was a difficult one this week as there were so many who could have claimed it.

In the end it was a close call with two player being unable to be separated as a winner. So for the first time this season we had joint winners in Amber and Ellie. Skill, hard work and playing for the team, a manager can not ask for more.

League HOME to Westella & Willerby.

Today we went up against the league leaders. We were at home which in a way put the pressure on us, as we have saved our best results for away from home. The game started fast and furious, as you would expect from the team topping the division. It took stout defending from Charlotte and Francis to keep us in the game until a prefect through ball from Ellie got our forward in a shooting position and there was no mistake. One nil up. At that they seemed to lose the tempo of the game and two more goals from Ellie meant we were three nil in the lead at half time. In the second half there were a number of substitutions to keep our legs fresh but it made no difference to the game. Even though they pulled one back, we then went up and scored to keep us at a three goal advantage. This team is beginning to develop into a squad now. Any player can now come on and the side just keeps going.

The way this team plays is making my job of picking the Player of the Game that much more difficult. How do you select one out of that lot on today performance?

After a discussion with others to seek out their views with no-one having a clear winner so I was left to pick one from eleven.

In the end it was too much, as no one player out shone any of the others, so this weeks'  player of the Game is the Team.

Well played everyone.  One for all, and, all for one.

League HOME to Victoria Docks.


With a full squad to pick from we were looking forward to a visit from Victoria Docks, as this was our first game in 6 weeks the thought that we would be ring rusty proved true. In the early stages of the game only our keeper and poor finishing by Victoria forwards keep us with a clean sheet. Then we had Ellie to thank for settling our nerves and putting us in front. After that we still did not play as well as we have being doing but we held our nerve and at half time went in three goals to the good. making sure that we kept control of the game we experimented with players playing in unfamiliar roles. Even thought his cost us two goals late on in the game we were still able to add three more and finished comfortable winners. The goals came from Ellie a hat trick, Megan two, Nat one. With players playing in different positions it was difficult for any one to shine. There was the usual great performances from the ones who always deliver, Charlotte, Francis, Ellie and the captain Olivia. Two of the "lesser" known players today caught the eye, so we narrowed down to these two players the choose of Player of the Match.

Heather was one for a non-stop display backed up by skill in mid-field but the one to shade it was also in mid-field who with slide rule passes laid on three of the goals.

The player of the game went to Amber. Skill with the vision to make perfect passes.


Plate 1/4 Final HOME to Hedon Rangers.

This was a game where once more we had the best players on show and got no reward for it. They had 5 chances in the match and put 3 away, we had about ten and put one away. It is fair to say that their best player was their goal keeper. We could not seem to beat her, she was excellent. Saying that we made it easy for them, too many of us played as individuals and we did not play as a team. This has being one of our strengths this season was our ability to play as a team. Out of about 13 games we have only failed to do this twice. That to me is a positive step.

There were not to many to pick player of the game for this week it came down to two, or possibly four, but in the end it went to a defender.

The player of the game went to Charlotte. Her none stop running and positional play, her encouragement to help out others made her the choice, just ahead of Ellie. Skill, never say die attitude coupled with hard work shaded her above the others.

League HOME to Driffield Girls.

With three players away for the half term we only had a couple of subs to choose from for the game. The game started off with a carry over from the plate game in as much as we did not start at the beginning and were soon a goal down. Anyone of about four players could have cleared but no one did each left it for the other and we let in a sloppy goal. With Olivia encouraging and the running of Ellie and Megan we clawed our way back into the game. Our defensive duo at the back of Francis and Loralie made a sound base for the midfield to work from. The first goal for us was a sloppy one, like Driffield's but all goals count, so at half time we were level. Allowing the team to settle we made no changes at half time and it was not long before Megan did what she does best and scored to put us in front. From that moment on we were in control for the rest of the game. In fact making substitutions made the job of picking the Player of the Game harder as Amber and Leona when they came on played so well both were very unlucky not to put their names on the score sheet.

All in all that was a good team performance. Anyone of five could have being picked for the Player of the Game. In the end it was down to Ellie and Francis , Ellie with four goals to her credit but just shading it by a whisker was FRANCIS. Skill, coolness under pressure and hard work, I lost count of the number of throw ins and corners she took in addition to her defensive duties.


League AWAY to Flamborough Girls.

Before the start we had a scare when our keeper had not shown up. She was stuck in a traffic jam in Bridlington. Luckily we had two volunteers who agreed to share a half each. So there were changes to the usual starting lineup. With Olivia, the captain, going  in goal the armband went to Francis, and Amber taking over her role in midfield. The keeper turned just at the start of play so the team remained as the one picked. Francis won the toss and kicked up the slope. The team worked hard and with no subs on, built up a four goal lead in the first half. The solid base at the back of Francis and Charlotte allowed the midfield to push up and create chances. Ellie in the centre was a the heart of every thing. Amber and Megan worked their socks off,  whist up front Nat was at her deadly best. Having such a good lead we were able to make wholesale changes at the half time break and to our credit we held our own with Leona finishing off with the final kick of the game to give us a 5 - 1 win.

The team played as a team each one working for each other, The two outfield players to stop on, Ellie and Megan worked like trojans and came off at the end exhausted. So the Player of the Game had too come from one of those two with Megan just ahead of Ellie. Wing play at its best, but allowed to roam by the hard work of Ellie, and Megan made it pay off.

League HOME to Malet Lambert.

This was the big one, Malet was only two points behind us and a win today would have seen them take our place at the top of the league. Why did I spend the Friday night worrying. With Ellie missing and celebrating her birthday," Happy Birthday ELLIE, " we tried out a new formation in midfield. Olivia sat in the middle of the park and with Megan and, fullback converted to midfielder, Loralie doing the running. Whilst up front we had the "old" reliable centre forward Nat. The wind effected the play a lot but both teams were out to prove that they could play football. Megan was the first to draw blood, in the right spot at the right time, it is what she does best. Then one of the cheekier goals anyone is likely to see. A clever dummy and shot from Lori deceived the Malet goalie completely and we were two up at half time. The steadfast defensive duo of Francis and Charlotte saw all Mallie's attempts at coming back in the game brushed aside. Even allowing for subs to be made we were never in danger and even though they pulled a goal back there was only one winner. Whilst talking of winners a special word must be said of Heather, even though she was suffering from a bout of asthma she still gave it her all when she came on.

Once again the Player of the Game could have being any one of five players. Kayleige in goal, Charlotte and Francis at the back Lori in mid field and Nat up front. But it went to the girl with a laugh in her boots, a true captains performance from Olivia. Skill, running the game and encouraging her team mates, her game was a joy to watch.

League AWAY to Hornsea Town.

This was long trip for the team with Hornsea, now playing out of Aldbrough it put a further 15mins on to the journey. When we got there the wind was strong and cold, blowing straight off the North Sea and less than good control and the ball was lost. It took a clever long ball from Francis to get us off the mark. She delivered it into the box with pinpoint accuracy and their defense panicked and we were one up. We had started with a bit different formation and at times we did not seem to be flowing. Charlotte made a tactical switch with Loralie, who went to defender and Charlotte into midfield. Result was at half time we were 3 - 0 up with a brace from Charlotte. We could afford to make changes to the team at half time and against the wind we played some good football to add two more goals to the total with Olivia getting them both. One lack of concentration allowed them to pull a goal back. Two players that worked hard today were Amber and Loralie, at least until she went off injured. Defensively we were sound, first with Charlotte and Francis, then the switch of Charlotte and Loralie, then even Shannon got in on the act. Four partnerships in one match and all sound. Midfield worked hard with Olivia keeping the pressure on Hornsea. Even when she came off for a rest the work rate did not drop. Nat up front worked so hard to make the team tick. It's funny but when she comes off we always seem to lose a bit of GO.

The Player of the Game could have come from five players, Charlotte, Francis, Olivia, Amber and Loralie. The winner was the one who played in three different positions in the match and was good in all three, even scoring two goal, such was Charlottes' contribution to the game. Skill, power shooting, playing a team game all were second nature to her. Well played Charlotte the Player of the Game.

League AWAY to South Cave.


This game started with a mix up and looked like it could have ended with a mix up. We were due to start at 12 noon, which was put back 30 minutes only for them to bring it forward to 10; 30 without telling us. With the slope of the ground playing a big part in the game we worked hard to get in front with a well taken goal from ELLIE. A hand ball decision that went against us gave them a chance to score and they took advantage of it with a well struck free kick. At half time we were hanging on at 1 - 1.  That's when we sorted out my mix up or to put it a better way ELLIE sorted out my mix up. Olivia was missing from the centre of midfield and we had reshuffled the set up for the first half. Having a quick check up of who was fit to carry on we changed our system. Nat, who had being poorly all week, even getting off her sick bed to come and play had come off in the first half and did not take any more part in the game. That had thrown us out a bit and we did not have shape. In the second half we restored the famous terrible twins at the back let ELLIE control midfield with AMBER and MEGAN doing her running we took control back. ELLIE made it  2 1 before going on to complete her hat-trick. Three different goals that all had something special about them. One made out of being in the right place at the right time, one through shear hard work and never give up attitude and the third a shot of shear class. From the edge of the box, look up, pick the spot and magic, a hat trick. MEGAN ran her heart out all the game and was rewarded with a goal 15 seconds from the end. She showed us that we can never give up.

There were some good performances out there today. In the first half  in defense SHANNON was steady and reliable, her best game up to yet. MEGAN put in a lot of hard work. AMBER when she came on played up from which is a position she is not used to. ELLIE took the game by the throat and made it ours. But the PLAYER OF THE GAME for her ability to hold us together in the first half and providing a platform for ELLIE to push on from in the second half the choice went to FRANCIS. Coolness under pressure, the vision to pick the best pass, the big hearted display to look for the win. Well played FRANCIS.

League HOME to Springhead "B".

After last weeks mix-up off the park, this week we had a mix-up on the park.

With one player missing through school sports activities we fielded a squad strong enough to win this game. For the first time this season we were outplayed in all departments. At the back we were shaky, in midfield unsure, and in front of goal timid. The two goals that got us back into the game were both scored from distance. Their goals, one an O. G. one a tap in from 6inches, and one a moment of indecision that allowed their forward in to poke home. That result knocked us off the top of the league.

It was a game that we will learn more from, than all the rest we have played this season. Team work won us all those victory's but this game, no team work, no points. We have not played a game this season where so many players had a off day. The only game this season where we took no credit from.

There were not many to pick Player of the Game from, in midfield, ELLIE worked her socks off as usual, and scored a magnificent goal to keep us in it. At the back FRANCIS did her best to hold together the team. Even missing the end of the game with a injury. The way she held the game together and forced it along in the first half and the way she tried to raise the team and push forward in the second half, the Player of the Game went to FRANCIS. Once again coolness, vision and the drive to lift the team shone through. Well played FRANCIS.


League AWAY to Victoria Docks

Back to the travels and back to good football. With a near full squad to pick from we were up for it. One of the players even traveled back for the game from a family weekend holiday, well done NATALIE. The game started with the the usual 7 on the park and we were soon in control of the game. Our football deserved too be more than three up at half time but we were worth it. At the start of the second half we thought the game was won, made a couple of subs, and went to sleep a bit, our shape was uneven and we looked to the others to do it all. Through all this, FRANCIS kept the side in it, even if they did come back to level the score at 3 - 3 early in the second half. Making more changes we fought our way back into the game and were soon in front again. After that we never looked back. The football flowed and the result was never in doubt. The seven goals were spread out amongst the team with MEGAN on a hat-trick, CHARLOTTE on two, ELLIE on one and the other scored by the Captain OLIVIA.

There were some good displays today, at the back FRANCIS was class, CHARLOTTE gave her usual cool display. Midfield was run effortless by OLIVIA, her brains and the legs of ELLIE and MEGAN kept control of the game. Up front NAT gave her tireless running. Even making substitutions did not knock the team out too much. LORI was good in allowing Charlotte time out to get her strength back. AMBER ran and ran. SHANNON gave a good display in midfield even though it is not her best position. All In all the one to hold the team together through out was FRANCIS at the back. Class display with coolness and a never say die attitude.

League AWAY to Cottingham Rangers

Being away to the team at the foot of the table should have meant an easy game. With nearly a full squad to pick from we tried to play an easy game. It was a chance for the none regulars to prove a point. They were a small side and physical size and power by us should have proved our capabilities to overcome them. Instead we played football and every one that went onto the pitch played their part. Some of the subs were even in contention for the Player of the Game. We had the luxury of resting our captain during the game and putting Charlotte into midfield for a change. It worked. The win kept us in the race for a top two finish. We were heading for an easy win, and a clean sheet, but in the end Cott ended up with the last goal. It was to little to late.

There were some good displays. In goal KAYLEIGE gave a safe display only ruined by being exposed for the last goal to them. LORI at the back was sound. FRANCIS gave her support. ELLIE her usual self in midfield, even becoming captain and moving into the centre. MEGAN lived up to her reputation as the Everready girl.  NAT up front pulled their defense to pieces with some clever runs creating space for her team mates. Still for her hat trick and all round performance the Player of the Game went to ELLIE. Hard work, dedication and a deadly finish what a combination.

Last HOME game of the season to Springhead "A"

For the last home game of the season we were up against a determined Springhead team but we had a pick of a full squad, bar one, who was away at Redcar playing for her school in a cup game, well done LORI. Springhead showed what their intentions were early in the game by committing three fouls in the first five minutes. Normally there is not that many in a full game. Because of the importance of the game we knew that we had to win it. That would have kept up our challenge for the title. The game was an evenly balanced match but we had the two main differences, controlling the game in midfield was a captain strong, with a laugh in her boots, and her midfield exterminator. OLIVIA and ELLIE ran the show. That is not to say that as a side the rest played a bit part, far from it, as a team we were awesome. A true player in every position. From front to back every one played as a team. In the second half even with OLIVIA off the field with a bloody nose did not stop us, her deputy LEONA came on and did a good job.  Such as it was, a hot day, legs got tired and credit to the everyone who played, the ones who stayed on their efforts were super human. The subs came on and did a magnificent job. Even war wounded OLIVIA came back on to rally every one to a last effort. The fact not every one who turned up played a part because they were counting the subs. The laws of the league dictate how many we can play and that was the reason today not every one got on the pitch.

The Player of the Game could have being any one of ten. How can you pick only one out of that lot. KAYLEIGE kept us in it with a couple of great saves in the second half. The defense duo of CHARLOTTE and FRANCIS sound as a pound.In midfield any one of five, Then up front NAT, who was replaced by AMBER, who played up front for the first time, both gave a good display. A true team performance. In the end the choice was between the hat-trick girl or the goalie, by the slenderest of margins it went to KAYLEIGE who kept us in the game when they looked as if they were getting back into it. A couple of saves she made in the second half destroyed their believe in them selves and raised our hopes it was our day. WELL played KAYLEIGE

Last AWAY game of the season to Westella & Willerby.

For our final match of the season we went to league leaders, Westella & Willerby at YPI, Chanterland Ave. With a ten players squad to pick from we started the game with the usual 7. In a fairly even game it took a good throw in by FRANCIS into the opponents box to cause panic and there was MEGAN on hand to slot it home. That score remained the same until half time. Early in the second half with ELLIE causing their defense trouble a shot by her was blocked but there was NAT, this time, to score. At that it seemed to spark them into life and they pulled one back but that then sparked us back to life and ELLIE gave us our two goal advantage again. Sending on fresh legs up front AMBER replaced Nat and in no time we added one more to make the final score Tickton 4 Westella 1. That then gave us the title.

The Player of the Game could have being any one of 8 players. The team played so well as a team that we had two subs who did not even get a game. The Player of the Game went to the TEAM Well played girls that what football is all about. Team work.



Cup games

Round    Venue  Team                         Result  Scorers

Prelim     Away  Malet Belles                0 4         Olivia 1, Shannon 1, Megan 2.

Rd 2        Home Hessle Town Blues  2 7         Megan, Ellie.



Plate games

Round     Venue    Opponents              Result       Scorers

1/4 final    Home    Hedon Rangers     1  3             Megan.





League results for the season.

Last updated, 17; 30, Sunday 11th May, 2008.        

HOME                                  AWAY                             TOTAL GOALS

P    W   D   L     F     A  *  P    W   D   L    F     A *  P     W    D   L    F    A  GD   PTS

10   8    0    2   37  18  * 10   9     1  0  44   15 * 20   17    1   2  81   33  48      52

Cup results for the season.

                       Home                                Away

                       P   W   D   L   F   A            P   W   D   L   F   A   

Prelim           0     0   0   0   0    0            1    1   0   0   4   0

Round 2       1     0   0   1   2    7

So ends our hopes of a good cup run. We never did ourselves justice, some good individual performances but collectively as a team we were not in it.

Plate results for the season.

                       Home                                 Away

                       P   W   D   L   F   A             P   W   D   L   F   A

1/4 final         1    0    0   1   1   3

So ends our hopes of a run in the plate to the finals. Once again we did not click as a team.









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